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uHoo Virus Index

Health is one of the biggest concerns of 2020, and it’s no surprise thanks to the novel coronavirus. Never before in the history of…

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How to Choose and Wear Masks for Better Breathing

Right now, the new normal is wearing a face mask to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. And it’s worthwhile to do, because…

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Asthma

It’s Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and it’s as good a time as any to learn more about the disease. Millions of people worldwide…

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7 Ways to Cope With Cabin Fever While in Quarantine

The lockdowns have been going on for weeks now around the world, and even in places without a mandated lockdown there are many people…

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4 Ways to Ensure Your Air Quality is Safe While Your Family is in Quarantine

As concerns over Covid-19 shake the world, it’s important that we find ways to safeguard ourselves and our families from the novel coronavirus. More…

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Home from Viruses

The world is abuzz with talk of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus that has resulted in a global pandemic. It’s rare to see this kind…

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