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Frequently Asked Questions

uHoo requires an 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 Ghz WiFi. uHoo supports both open and encrypted (WPA and WPA2) wireless connections. WiFi networks configured within an enterprise or office network that requires certificates are not supported.

If your WiFi network is a captive portal, such as those used in malls, airports, and some offices, you would only be able to connect to them if they place your uHoo’s MAC address (written on the bottom of the device), into their unrestricted list of devices.

You also need to ensure that firewalls are not blocking outbound connections. This is rare in a home network. However, an enterprise network may place restrictions on certain ports and IP addresses. You would need to work with the company’s IT team to allow access to uHoo’s cloud.

Yes, you need a Wi-Fi connection. The uHoo monitor works with the uHoo cloud to allow you to monitor your home remotely.

You would need to reset the device in order to clear the WiFi network stored in its memory.

Just get a paper clip and power off your uHoo device. When you power it back on, please press the button on the back of the uHoo device using the paper clip for 4 to 5 seconds or until the light turns into a solid blue light. This process needs to be completed before the device connects to your existing WiFi network. If it connects before the process completed, you would need to repeat the process. Alternatively, you can reset the uHoo device in a location where the WiFi network that it is currently connected to is not available.

Once the device already has a solid blue light, please unplug the device and plug it back in. When you plug it back in and it is a solid blue light, you can start the setup process. If it is not a solid blue light, please repeat the reset process.

Resetting the uHoo device will not delete your data. It will just clear the WiFi network stored inside the uHoo device and bring it back to setup mode.

If you have firewall restrictions on your router, please remove restrictions on http and https to uHoo’s cloud and also open ports 80 and 8466.

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