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Frequently Asked Questions

uHoo has nine sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Dust (PM2.5), Volatile Organic Compounds, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Air Pressure.

Yes, you need a Wi-Fi connection. The uHoo monitor works with the uHoo cloud to allow you to monitor your home remotely.

5 Volts.

Yes, uHoo is powered via micro-USB and would need to be plugged in to power for it to turn on.

uHoo does not have a battery. It requires power for it to turn on. You can plug uHoo into a portable power bank as uHoo is powered via micro-USB. This would make your uHoo portable. You would just need a live WiFi connection. If the location you’re in does not have a WiFi connection, you can connect uHoo to your mobile phone’s WiFi hotspot instead. You can read more about how to do that on this blog post.

Yes, you can bring uHoo around. It is powered via micro-USB so you can plug it into a power bank to power it on. If the location you’re in does not have a WiFi connection, you can connect uHoo to your mobile phone’s WiFi hotspot instead. You can read more about how to do that on this blog post.

The lights on uHoo indicate the state it is in. You can refer to this document on what each color means.

No, uHoo is not waterproof.

uHoo is designed to be used indoors. It will still be fine to use it outdoors and it will work but please make sure to keep it protected from the elements. If the monitor is damaged due to outdoor use, the warranty will be voided. Please also take note that there would be larger variations in data because outdoor air has larger variability compared to indoor air.

Yes, the VOC sensor can detect formaldehyde. It will show you via the VOC reading but will not distinguish it from other types of VOCs. When formaldehyde is present, the VOC readings will rise.

uHoo can detect various types of tVOC categories. These inlude a-Pinene, D-Limonene, Acetaldeyhyde, Acetone, Hexanal, nDecane, Tolouene, Formaldehyde, and Benzene.

Once you setup uHoo, the volatile organic compound (VOC), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and Ozone (O3) sensors would need a 24-hour warm up period while the carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor would need 48 hours.

During the warm up period, please keep uHoo plugged in and connected to the network continuously to complete the process. If interrupted (powered off or electricity fluctuation), the warm up will restart from the beginning the next time it is powered on and connected. The warm up only needs to be conducted during first time use.

All the other sensors do not have any warm-up period and can be referred to within 2 minutes of uHoo being connected.

Sensors naturally drift over time. To address this, uHoo has auto-calibration technology in its sensors. Auto-calibration addresses the long term stability of the sensors and cross-sensitivity across sensors. Auto-calibration happens every 168 hours (7 days) of continuous use.

It will take at most three cycles of auto-calibration for CO2 sensors to achieve the accuracy that it is designed to have. Sometimes, the designed accuracy would already be achieved after one auto-calibration cycle and there are times right after the warm up period. It entirely depends on how long uHoo has been kept in storage and also the courier’s handling during shipment.

uHoo’s auto-calibration technology is not dependent on the environment that the device is placed. What this means is you don’t have to expose the device to fresh air for the auto-calirbation to be effective in recalibrating it back to the fresh air baseline. uHoo’s auto-calibration technology already has the fresh air baseline embedded into the device during production. When the device auto-calibrates, it uses the baseline stored in the device’s memory as the basis for auto-calirbation. This ensures that the air quality readings are consistent and always based on proper baselines.

No. All your data is stored in the cloud.

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