Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our enterprise clients have access to uHoo APIs with their enterprise accounts.

Yes, you can integrate uHoo with your HVAC system via the uHoo APIs, which is accessible with the uHoo enterprise account.

Yes, once you have a uHoo enterprise account, you would be able to access the web dashboard. You can preview it on the Business page of the uHoo website here.

With the uHoo enterprise account, you can have an unlimited number of uHoo devices associated with your account.

Yes. uHoo is designed to help property owners, facilities managers or HR heads make better decisions when it comes to air quality.

Yes. uHoo for Business is designed for multiple users. There is no limit as to how many users you can add when sharing the data.

The system also provides you with a user creation and access management tool. This allows you to assign different uHoo devices / locations to different individuals and restrict access to only the locations assigned to them.

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